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We take into consideration all the necessary health measures



Dear Guests,

dear Friends, welcome to THALIA deco CITY & BEACH HOTEL of Mountrakis’ family!


All of our family and staff members would like to welcome you in our hotel, in another year that has been, and will be, very idiosyncratic/special for all of us. The unprecedented health protocols and hygiene rules required to be implemented from all of us, are not something new, as we have applied them already in 2020, gaining a lot of valued experience. We kindly ask for your understanding and collaboration as all precautionary measures are taking first and foremost for your own safety, as well as our staff’s and our family’s. The protocols we follow are created by the Hellenic government “HEALTH FIRST”, and more specifically by the Ministry of Health, which as you know has done a terrific job during this pandemic. The numbers of cases and deaths in our country, luckily are some of the lowest in the world.


The most important precautionary measures we recommend you to take are:

  • the preservation of the distance, 1.5-2 m
  • the use of mask in all public places, especially in close spaces
  • the frequent use of antiseptic and the thorough cleaning of your hands and
  • the avoidance of touching your face and especially your mouth with your hands


Our staff has been trained for all the necessary procedures and is equipped by all means of personal safety that are prescribed by the government.

We are all “equipped” with the widest possible smile of ours and we are waiting for you to accommodate you in our hotel and help you relax in our beautiful island.

Welcome and enjoy your stay!


Efthymios Emm. Mountrakis

Hotel owner


We wish a comfortable and still safe stay for you, thus our hotel follows the Protocols of Safe Operation of Hotels “HEALTH FIRST”, taking into consideration all necessary measures:


1. There have been two health and safety supervisors set by the hotel, checking constantly the compliance of the health and safety measures

2. The hotel’s health and safety supervisors have a written approved plan of handling a suspected case, according to EODY

3. The safety supervisors of the hotel keep records in a Covid-19 book

4. We keep detailed records of all our suppliers and collaborators entering our hotel

5. Our hotel has a contract with the local Medical Center. There is a doctor and an ambulance available 24/7

6. Our personnel has been trained to keep all the health and safety measures for COVID-19

7. Our hotel staff is equipped with all necessary personal safety measures

8. There is a daily mandatory contactless temperature taking of the staff

9. You might me asked for a contactless temperature check upon your arrival

10. We might also ask you to let us disinfect your luggage

11. At the reception, a specific COVID-19 protocol of guests’ interaction is applied

12. There is the possibility of outdoor check-in

13. You are kindly required to provide us with your mobile and your email address in order to be able to inform you about possible COVID cases in our hotel

14. Contactless payments are available and recommended

15. Contactless and fast check in “FAST TRACK” can be provided. Just email us a copy of all passport in each room

16. Check-In is now at 15:00 and Check-Out at 11:00 due to COVID precautions

17. At the reception we have a UVC disinfection stream for cleaning cards, passports, keys, etc

18. A health and safety protocol for the use of gym (book a time) and pool are applied

19. Especially for your room:

a. Disinfection label as a sticker will be on the door of every room, after the meticulous procedure of cleaning, which you will first “violate” when entering the room

b. The cleaning of the room will only be done after the guest’s request

c. Regarding the cleaning of the room, enhanced protocols of cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces and the bathroom before the arrival of new guests are implemented

20. Upon your arrival, you may ask us to provide you with personal safety items such as: antiseptic, disinfectant wipes, masks and gloves

21. All our rooms are easy to access and the use of the lift is not necessary to get to the room

22. The breakfast and dinner hours are extended, in order to avoid crowding

23. The necessary distance between the tables and chairs in the bar and restaurant is already applied

24. The patio and outdoor space can be used for your meals

25. Enhanced Air-conditioning, ventilation, cleaning and disinfection measures have been implemented in all the rooms and common areas of the hotel

26. There is frequent and meticulous cleaning of all the often used surfaces, such as door knobs, switches, lift handles and buttons, etc

27. In the entrance of every department there will be available personal safety measures, masks and gloves, as well as antiseptic

28. The entrance of non-guests is forbidden in the rooms, as the law strictly states

29. There is a free stay of hotel’s personnel in the hotel provided, minimizing contacting due to use of public transportation

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